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My 2005 remix of a track from 1997 Playstation videogame Pax Corpus, the game which was originally to have been Aeon Flux.

Here's what I wrote about the track when I put it up on VGMix2:

"Pax Corpus is a Tomb-Raidery sci-fi game I would describe as 'outrageously unpopular.' The kind of game that needs remixing, consarnit! It is/was European, critically mauled and mostly unknown. It's about a future all-female world where the ladies propagate by cloning and the men are mindless slaves. In the game, you get to play an arse-kicking tatooed babe named Kahlee, and your mission is to defeat evil megalomaniac Kiyiana Soro and liberate the world of Oz-Nama.

I remain strangely fascinated by the game to this day in spite of its thousand faults. Some of the soundtrack's quite moody, too, which brings us to my electronica take on my favourite track from the game."


released October 17, 2005
Produced by Wade Clarke. Original track by Gilles Sivilotto and Thierry Prost.




Wade Clarke Sydney, Australia

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